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Special Offers - Last Minute - Packages

Period: 01/04 - 30/11/13
We prepared for you irresistible packages.

All-inclusive and captured? - No, thanks!
Remain independend and mobile with our

Special Package Offer I:
Hotel + Car + Excursion for 2 Persons from 1.111 BRL
(approx. 445 EUR)

Special Offer for 2 Persons (Hotel + Rented Car + Excursion)

  • 01/04-10/07 (6 nights): 1.111 BRL (approx. 445 EUR)
  • 11/07-30/11 (7 nights): 1.349 BRL (approx. 540 EUR)
  • Special Offer for 1 Person (Hotel + Rented Car + Excursion)

  • 01/04-10/07 (6 nights):    999 BRL (approx. 400 EUR)
  • 11/07-30/11 (7 nights): 1.189 BRL (approx. 476 EUR)
  • Surcharge
    for all periods for rental car with air conditioning and 4 doors:
    for 6 days + 122 BRL (approx. 49 EUR) and
    for 7 days + 142 BRL (approx. 57 EUR).
    Other services as indicated on top, but deductible of 1.500 BRL.

    Do you want to stay more than only 6/7 nights? No problem: You can extend your stay up to 24/28 nights.

    extended week (except schooner trip) for 2 persons:

  • 01/04-10/07 (6 nights):    969 BRL (about 388 EUR*)
  • 11/07-30/11 (7 nights): 1.129 BRL (about 452 EUR*)

  • extended week (except schooner trip) for 1 person:

  • 01/04-10/07 (6 nights):    899 BRL (about 360 EUR*)
  • 11/07-30/11 (7 nights): 1.039 BRL (about 416 EUR*)
  • Or Special Offer II
    Hotel Only

    01/05 - 10/07:
    Book 6 (12) nights and pay only 5 (10) nights,

    11/07 - 30/11:
    Book 7 (14) nights and pay only 6 (12) nights.

    These deals include a rich breakfast, service and taxes, a welcome caipirinha per person, free Internet access (WiFi) and one free airport transportation, from 10 nights two transportations are free.

    Excluded dates
    These offers are not valid on days with football matches in Salvador during Football Confederations Cup 2013 in Brazil: 19+20/06, 21+22/06 and 29+30/06.

    Prices in EUR (€) are based on an exchange rate of 2,50 BRL = 1 EUR. Valid are prices in BRL.

    Deposit of 50 % after booking confirmation,
    final cash payment of 50 % upon arrival at the hotel (no credit card payments).
    All offers can be booked directly at the hotel only and cash payment is required.

    Do you want to stay more than 6/7 nights? No problem. Extend this offer for up to 24/28 days. Price for every additional 6/7 nights is the same as above.

    At no costs until 10 days prior to arrival date. With later cancellation you'll lose your deposit. Therefore a travel insurance is highly recommended. With a reservation you accept these conditions.

    Something missing?
    You still haven't got a cheap flight to Salvador?
    Have a look at WhichBudget.

    Flights from Frankfurt/Germany see at Condor. Click on 'Special Offers' and next on 'Longhaul Flights'. Be patient, persistent and flexible: Prices are updated daily. Lowest price last year was 299 EUR one way.

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    Increasing Luggage Robberies at the Airports of São Paulo
    Luggage robberies increased highly in the first half year 2012 compared to 2011 by 43,9 % in Guarulhos (GRU), 11 % in Congonhas (CGH) and 30,8 % in Viracopos (VCP).

    Thieves often wait well suited in brand-name clothing close to the luggage conveyor and in the arrival area to take advantage of moments of distraction for theft.

    Viracopos registered a further jump in car theft of 440 % at the airport area.


    Air-Pass for Brazil
    'Star Alliance', global air alliance to which in Brazil belongs TAM offers an air pass, called 'Passe Aéreo Brasil' that includes the whole domestic air net of TAM with more than 45 destinations.

    Destinations are freely selectable and may include 4 to 9 flight tickets. Each city can be visited once but the same airport can be used several times for connecting flights. Tariffs are from 133 to 212 USD per ticket, taxes not included.

    Purchase is restricted to non-residentials in Brazil in combination with an international flight ticket from each member of the Star Alliance operating in Brazil as i.e. TAM, TAP, Air Canada, Air China, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa, South African Airways, Swiss, Turkish Airlines, United and US Airways.

    Special Offers - Alternative to Brazil Airpass
    The Brazil Airpass has some restrictions. It must be bought abroad together with an Atlantic flight, no direct return flights are allowed, changes of destinations are expensive and you depend on a specific company. An option are special offers of the airlines. They often cost only 30 % of the normal ticket and are sold within Brazil too, return flights are possible and you can combine different carrier. But flights are normally at night or on weekends.

    Connecting Flights to Lisbon and Madrid
    TAP-AirPortugal offers to its daily direct flight Lisbon-Salvador own connecting flights from several European airports.

    Air Europa has own connecting flights from several European cities to its direct flight Madrid-Salvador (four times per week). shows the most complete and up-to-date directory of low cost - low fare flights to Lisbon (LIS) and Madrid (MAD) in many languages.

    Here are some examples:
    - Thomas Cook (Belgium) (BRU - LIS)
    - Brussels Airlines (BRU - LIS)
    - easyJet (CPH - LIS)
    - easyJet (BOD - LIS)
    - easyJet (CDG - LIS)
    - Germanwings (CGN - LIS)
    - easyJet (LGW - LIS)
    - Brussels Airlines (GVA - LIS)
    - easyJet (MXP - LIS)
    - Transavia (AMS - LIS)
    - Transaero (DME - LIS)

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    Carnival 2014

    Carnival Packages
    For carnival week (27/02 - 05/03/14) we offer a package of six nights, which costs 1.140 BRL (at the moment about 425 EUR/570 USD) for two persons or 990 BRL (about 370 EUR/500 USD) for one person and 1.400 BRL (about 520 EUR/700 USD) for three persons, breakfast and taxes included. For a definitive reservation advanced payment is required. We accept cancellation of a reservation until 02/01/13. With later cancellation you'll lose your deposit. Therefore a travel insurance is highly recommended.

    Be aware that our hotel is not situated in downtown Salvador, where the carnival processions take place, but 40 km distant. There are 3 different circuits (Barra-Ondina, Campo Grande-Avenida, Centro Histórico-Pelourinho), to which we offer transportation and guide even at night (both ways). If you prefer, we arrange car rental. Public buses (bus stop in front of the hotel) are also available, but not at night.

    Carnival Routes (Circuitos):

  • Campo Grande - Avenida (Circuito Osmar) is the most popular and most crowded circuit; with an extension of nearly 7 km a trio needs up to 7 hours for one route.
  • Barra - Ondina (Circuito Dodô) on the coast road is more spacious and less crowded but still full, with an extension of 4,5 km and a period of 5 hours.
  • Praça da Sé - Praça Castro Alves (Circuito Batatinha) close to Pelourinho, more calm, less than 1 km.
  • Pelourinho without 'Trios' but a lot of small folkloric bands; finishes close to 22:00 h.
  • The city council of Salvador publishes on internet an updated and complete programm of all circuits.
    The parades start about 10:00 h in the morning (mainly for children) and finish close to 06:00 h (6.00 am) next day. Trios/blocos are expected to start in intervals of 20 - 30 minutes, what rarely happens.

    Besides this, from Saturday night to Wednesday morning Trios play in some of the popular quarters as Liberdade, Periperi, Cajazeiras, Itapuã, Pau da Lima and Plataforma.

    Trio Eléctrico - Blocos Afro
    The 'Trio Eléctrico' is an invention of Bahian carnival, in particular of Dodô and Osmar, and celebrates this year its 60th birthday. Today it is a big truck equipped round about with high volume loudspeakers and a band (banda) playing on its top.
    The 'Blocos Afros' (African blocos) are large drum-based troupes who play on the streets accompanied by singers and dancers on the top of a mobile sound trucks.

    The fans of the trios and the blocos afros dance on the street in front and behind the truck, which moves at a snail's pace through the streets with its own security personnel who cordon off the area around the fans. Ticket prices depend on band's popularity.

    Where to join
    The trios/blocos sell colourful uniform t-shirts (abadás) as admission ticket for one or more days (valid only for that special trio/bloco). Some agencies sell packages for several groups and several days.
    Who likes to be more independent joins trios/blocos from beside the street (pipoca/popcorn). On Circuito Osmar we dissuade to do so. Its to dangerous.

    Throughout the Circuitos Osmar and Dodô are tribunes with seats (camarotes) available, where you can watch and listen the trios/blocos go by. Ticket prices depend on the location and their own events they offer inside.
    Specially along Circuito Dodô plenty of restaurants rent seats too.
    At last in a lot of private apartments along the routes are window seats for rent.
    On Pelourinho it is less busy and you can walk around.


    Famous is on Saturday the departure of the drum troupe of Ilê Aiyê walking in colourful costumes from their headquarters in 'black' Curuzu/Liberdade to Campo Grande.

    On Monday night at Praça Municipal (Circuito Batatinha), near Pelourinho, is a gay costume contest and election of the Drag Queen.

    In Salvador Carnival doesn't end on Ash Wednesday morning. About 08:00 h (8.00 am) on Wednesday begins the 'arrastão' (drag) to drag all who are still fit for a final dance. Under the direction of Carlinhos Brown at Barra Lighthouse a lot of 'Trios' start for their last parade to Ondina. And it is free.

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    Car Rental (Locadora)

    For car rental a valid credit card and your domestic drivers license are necessary. If you stay longer than 3 months you need a Brazilian license, which is difficult to get. Add the name of your partner to the rental contract, otherwise she/he is not allowed to drive the rented car. Rental prices at the airport are higher.

    Our car rental partner offers a wide range of cars, from basic to fully equipped models and a 24/7 service.

    A basic car (Fiat Palio, VW Gol, Ford Fiesta, Celta, Uno) with 2 doors, no air conditioning, and no miles/km limit costs 90 BRL/day (36 EUR/45 USD) insurance and taxes included. A complete larger model (Corsa, Sedan) with 4 doors, air conditioning, CD-player and no miles/km limit is 155 BRL/day (62 EUR/78 USD/day), subject to changes.

    Discounts: For every 4 days rent the 5th day is always free. For a 30 days rent pay only 20 days. Car delivery and/or return at Hotel LAGOA e MAR or at Salvador airport at no additional costs.

    One gallon of gasoline is about 4,40 EUR/6,50 USD, one litre about 1,20 EUR/1,50 USD.

    We dissuade you from driving a car at night outside the cities. Roads and highways are mostly in extremly bad conditions with deep holes. First, you are not familiar to it and see the holes to late. Second, these places are the favourites for raids because you must reduce speed or even stop.

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    Holidays - Feasts - Events

    January (01)
    05...26: Rehearsal for carnival of the drum troupes of Ilê Aiyê in Curuzu quarter. Every Saturday night until carnival (charged).
    06: 50th Travessia Mar Grande - Salvador, free swimming competition crossing the All Saints Bay from Itaparica Island to Porto da Barra (12 km/7,4 miles).
    12: 34ª Noite da Beleza Negra - 34th Night of the Black Beauty, major fiest of the Brazilian 'Negritude' by Ilê Aiyê. Rised as an answer to traditional beauty contests, where black woman normaly can't participate.
    16 - 19: Festival de Verão, big (summer) festival of mainly popular music (charged).
    18 - 20: Vila Folia, micareta (pre-carnival) in Abrantes, neighbouring village of Jauá, stages.
    Beleza Negra 25 - 28: Patron saint's feast (lavagem) in Jauá-Praia.

    February (02)
    02: Yemanjá - Goddess of the Sea, very popular feast in Rio Vermelho Quarter.
    07 - 16: Carnival, the largest open air music and dance festival on earth.

    March (03)
    01 - 11: Liquida Salvador, summer sale with often surprising discounts.
    15 - 18: Festa de Arembepe, local feast (post carnival) in the neighbouring village of Jauá with processions, trios and stage.
    29: Salvador's Birthday

    April (04)
    19 - 22: Micareta in Feira de Santana (120 km distant from Salvador) Bahia's oldest offseason carnival.
    21: Tiradentes (independence hero)

    01: Labour Day
    16 - 22: Museum's Week with free entrance in most museums
    26: Birthday of the drum group 'Swing do Pelô', one of the best and most active bandas on Pelourinho.
    30: Corpus Christi

    June (06)
    06 - 07: Arraiá da Capitá, festival of forró music at Parque de Exposições (charged).
    22 - 25: São João (24) - St. John; next to Carnival the most popular feast in Bahia specially in the countryside but also on Pelourinho (Centro Histórico).

    July (06)
    02: Independence of Bahia

    August (08)
    09 - 17: ExpoRural agricultural exhibition with a lot of animals and special show for children, rodeo and music shows, and sale of agricultural products for domestic use (charged).

    September (09)
    06 - 09: Vaquejada in Serrinha (170 km distant from Salvador), typical and well known rodeo show and of course with a lot of music (charged).
    07: Independence of Brazil
    12: Parada Gay - gay parade, 11:00 h/11.00 am Campo Grande. Half a million participants are expected, and 10 trios shall play.
    24 - 27: Patron saint's feast (lavagem) in Jauá-Pé de Areias.

    October (10)
    09 - 12: Festival de Lençois, Chapada Diamantina, festival of popular music (420 km distant from Salvador).
    12: 1492, Columbus' landing in today's America (Abya Yala) or as others mean memorial day to the beginning of the extermination of the original population of the continent of Abya Yala, of which 95 % were exterminated, the major genocide in history of mankind.
    12: Mary's Conception, Patron Saint of Brazilian Catholics.

    November (11)
    01: Birthday of Ilê Aiyê .Ilê Aiyê
    24/11 - 24/03: XI Bienal of Recôncavo in the Cultural Centre Dannemann in São Félix, Recôncavo (120 km distant from Salvador); alternates annually with 'Festival de Filarmônicas'.
    15: Proclamation of the Republic.
    26/11 - 12/12: FENAGRO, important agriculture fair with exhibition of animals, music and folkloric shows, small animals and restaurants with local dishes.

    December (12)
    02: Samba Day, singing and instrumental presentations at Pelourinho. And on the following Sunday (03/12) a procession of samba formations with trios from Campo Grande to Praça Castro Alves (near Pelourinho).
    08: Conceição da Praia, patron saint of Salvador.

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    How to Get Cash Money

    Brazil actually doesn't have a high inflation and there is no black market. In general you can't pay here with US-Dollar or EURO cash money. USD isn't preferred to EURO. Therefore it is not to recommend to change in Europe EURO (or other currencies) into USD and later the USD in Brazil into Brazilian Reais (BRL) because
    - you pay a high price for USD cash money in Europe,
    - you'll get again a bad exchange rate for your cash money in Brazil and/or pay commission,
    - only the main offices of a few banks exchange foreign currencies and
    - probably you have to queue up specially in Banco do Brasil.

    And travellers' cheques are still worse.

    Take a reserve in cash money from abroad. Get your money in Brazil (up to 1.000 BRL per day) with VISA Card from the cash machines (ATMs) of Banco do Brasil and Bradesco, the two largest Brazilian banks with branches in nearly all smaller cities. The exchange rate normally is the interbank rate minus 2 %, and at home they charge you a cash-money-fee. Don't forget your PIN-Code!

    Master-/Euro-Card is not to recommend to get cash money because there are only a very few ATMs (i.e.: HSBC Bank), except at the airports.

    The difference between credit-card-withdrawal and cash money transfer is about 5 %.
    Banknotes should not exceed the equivalent of 100 EURO/USD each. At Sâo Paulo Airport you normally get a better exchange rate than in Salvador.
    For safety reasons from 22:00 h (10 p.m.) to 06:00 h (6 a.m.) ATMs deliver only 150 BRL per night (during summer time one hour earlier).

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    General Travel Information

    Entry regulations
    Your passport must be valid for at least six month when entering Brazil. In the aircraft they'll give you a tourist-card which you have to present filled in at the immigration and you shouldn't lose it by no way. USA citizens need a visa. Besides this there is a custom declaration (don't be afraid personal goods are free).

    Even if your luggage is checked through to another airport in Brazil you must reclaim it and pass the customs at the first Brazilian airport you arrive at. Otherwise your luggage won't be forwarded and will remain there.

    There is no compulsory vaccination for Brazil at the moment. Even for travellers to the Amazon region or to Pantanal a yellow fever vaccine is not compulsory anymore (only if you are coming from an infected country) and a malaria prophylactic is highly recommended (although there is no one at the moment). Vaccinations against poliomyelitis and tetanus are advisable. Against diarrhea an electrolytes remedy is helpful.

    Money exchange/câmbio
    See above

    In Salvador it is warm nearly all the year round. Wear light and comfortable clothes preferably cotton, T-shirts and shorts, sunhat, sunglasses. Don't forget sun protector/sun blocker with a very high protection factor. Jauá is situated within the tropics.

    Electric current/voltagem
    Electric current varies between 110 V and 220 V with 60 Hz (in our hotel 220 V). You need an adapter for flat plugs.

    Leave valuables at home; put indispensables (passport, ticket) in the hotel safe. Take copies of your passport, tickets, credit cards (with phone numbers) and travellers' cheques receipt in a separate place.
    Avoid taking valuables (camera, cell phone, walkman etc.) to the beach or on the road and don't use bags or backpacks (valuables are supposed to be inside).
    Don't lose sight of your credit card when paying (e.g. don't give it the waiter). Brazil is world champion in credit cards fraud.
    Don't trust in the road in green traffic lights for pedestrians or in zebra crossings: Pedestrians are free for hunt. - Don't use public busses after dawning (18:00 h/6.00 p.m.).

    More information see below.

    Guide Book
    Highly to recommend is the Southamerican Handbook, Footprint Guides, more than 35 pages about Bahia and more than 300 pages about Brazil. Since 1924 (!) annual new edition in September, in 2013 the 90th. Simply the best. Not so up to date is the guide book 'Brazil' in the same series.

    Car rental/locadora
    Credit card and your domestic drivers license are necessary. A small car like Ford Fiesta costs about 36 EUR/51 USD per day (free miles/km), one gallon of gasoline about 4,30 USD-3,50 EUR.

    Our car rental partner offers a basic car (Palio, Gol, Fiesta, Celta, Uno) 2 doors, no air conditioning, free miles/km, for 90 BRL/day, insurance and taxes included. Discount: For every 4 days rent the 5th day is always free. Car delivery/return at Hotel LAGOA e MAR or at the airport.

    More details look here.

    Extra charges (approx. prices in EUR)
    - Buses (to down town Salvador) 1,00
    - Dinner (almoço) or supper (jantar) for two persons 13 - 18,--
    - Snacks/tira-gosto 2,00 - 10,--
    - Beer/cerveja (600 ml-bottle) 2,80
    - Fruit-juices (suco), mineral water (água mineral), sodas (refrigerante) -,80

    Tipping/taxa de serviço
    Hotels and restaurants frequently charge 10 % extra for service, then you don't need to tip; otherwise 5 - 10 % are usual. Taxi drivers get the change only.

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    Security Advices

    Be extremely careful on weekends from Friday night to Monday morning. That is the time with the highest criminality. Evade unfrequented, obscure and dark roads specially after 18:00 h/6.00 p.m.. Enter by no means the poor quarters, although they are the largest part of the cities.

    Don't accept invitations from not well known people, specially not at Pelourinho or in bars. Don't drink with strangers. If indispensable keep your glass in view and change it after using the restroom (k.o.-drops). Avoid all kinds of dicussions even if they start friendly. There is no tradition of discussion in Brazil.

    Avoid taking valuables (camera, cell phone, walkman etc.) to the beach or on the road and don't use bags or backpacks (valuables are supposed to be inside). Dont stay at lonesome beaches.

    Don't show all your money when paying. Don't pay with high value bills as 50 or 100 BRL, it wakes up desires and you you hardly get it changed. Be equipped with sufficient small change (maximum 20 BRL-bills). Keep money in an inside pocket, underpants/panties, socks or shoes. Buses accept not more than 10 BRL-bills.

    Don't use public buses after dawning (about 18:00 h/6.00 p.m.). They are often assaulted and hijacked. - Evade crowds. Beware of pickpockets and backpack thiefs in the Lacerda elevator between lower and upper city, in crowds and when entering buses.

    Use ATMs only during daytime and at frequented places. Cover the keyboard with your shoulder. Get in time familiar with the system for not depending on help of strange people.

    By no means open on a knock the door of your hotel room before making sure who is outside. Phone the reception or ask for the owner.

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